When a person is arrested and booked in jail, a certain amount of money must be paid to the court in order for them to be released. Bail bonds are often obtained in order to post bail, because bail amounts can be high, and coming up with a large amount of cash can be tough. This leads us to a common question we hear as bail bondsman in Pennsylvania: How does a judge decide on a bail amount for any given defendant? There are many different factors. Let’s look at a few:

Bail Amounts: Things Judges Consider

According to Schedules

In each state, there are bail schedules that are set by law. These schedules provide suggested bail amounts based on the severity and type of any given crime.

Severity of the Offense

Usually, the more severe the crime, the higher the bail amount will be.

Past Criminal Record

Judges look at a defendant’s past criminal record when deciding bail amounts. If a person has a long criminal history, it is likely their bail amount will be higher.

Public Safety

Judges usually set higher bail amounts for defendants who are considered dangerous. Additionally, they look at how cooperative the defendant was during the arrest.

Flight Risk

Judges also look at whether or not a defendant is at risk of flight. If they have family in the area who could help them escape, or they are wealthy, it is likely the judge will set a higher bail amount to discourage leaving the area.

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