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Bail Bonding in Pennsylvania

If you have a loved one in jail in Pennsylvania, don’t hesitate to contact one of our bail bonding agents. You have likely heard of bail bonding and bondsmen, but it can be difficult to understand exactly how they can help you get your friend or family member back...

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How Arraignment and Bail are Connected in PA

There is so much legal jargon when it comes to the criminal justice system. You may not have realized it until you, a friend, or a family member got arrested. Then, you found out just how confusing it all can be. We understand that it can be difficult to understand...

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How to Choose the Best Bail Bondsman in PA

It can be tough to know how to decide on a bail bondsman if you are researching how to get out of jail using Bucks County bail bonds. The legal system is confusing, and the bail system is no different. It can be especially troublesome if you’ve never bailed anyone out...

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You’ve seen TV shows and movies depicting the arrest, booking, and bail process. We all think we know how it works, but how well you actually understand the process? Odds are, not very well. Hollywood’s depiction of the bail bond system is not usually very realistic,...

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How Bail Works?



A bail amount is set by the local court jurisdiction following the arrest of a defendant. We will walk you through every step of this often overwhelming process.

How payments work?



Our bail bondsmen are available to answer any and all of your questions regarding the bailout process, collateral issues, indemnity, payment options and more.

How soon can I post bail?



Our services include bail consultation, out of state transfer bonds, and probation violation bail all with quick and reliable 24-hour service

No Credit Checks! No Citizenship Required! Out-of-State Residence is OK! No Collateral Necessary for most cases!