There is so much legal jargon when it comes to the criminal justice system. You may not have realized it until you, a friend, or a family member got arrested. Then, you found out just how confusing it all can be. We understand that it can be difficult to understand all that is involved in the arrest, booking, release, and trial of a criminal defendant. We have been in the bail bonds industry for many years, so we have the knowledge necessary to help you as you begin your journey through this system and will guide you as you get Luzerne County bail bonds. In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss arraignment, and how it relates to the bail process.

What is the Arraignment?

After a suspect has been arrested and booked into jail, their first hearing is called the “arraignment.” The arraignment procedure takes place in front of a magistrate or judge, and usually occurs within 48-72 hours after the defendant’s arrest. The purpose of this procedure is:

  • To formally advise the defendant of the charges they are facing.
  • Allow the defendant to apply for court-appointed defense.
  • Allow the defendant to enter their plea (usually “not guilty”)
  • Resolve undecided bail issues.
  • Set a plan for later court dates and hearings.

At the arraignment, the defendant will be provided with the written accusation of the charges they are facing from the prosecution, and they are allowed to apply for a lawyer or court-appointment defense. Also, during this time, bail is discussed if it hasn’t already been figured out. If a person posted a bail bond and was released after their arrest, the arraignment date is usually delayed for a couple of weeks.

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