It’s a well-accepted fact that sitting in jail isn’t pleasant. This is why people try to get released bail as quickly as possible, and where the convenience and speed of Berks County bail bonds comes in. Here at A+ Bail Bonds in Pennsylvania, we understand how to get people released from jail quickly. If you have a loved one who has been arrested, call us to learn how quickly we can secure their release.

Arrest, Booking, and Bail Hearing

When a person is arrested, they will be booked into the jail. This can take some time, because it includes fingerprinting, searching the national crime database, and processing the arrestee. Once the arrestee has been processed, their first hearing sometimes occurs on the same day of their arrest. In some cases, however, the hearing takes place the next day. Bail is set for most people, but if the defendant committed a serious offense, if they have a long criminal history, or if they pose a flight risk, bail may be denied, or it may be extremely high.

Arranging to Pay Bail

The next step of the process for obtaining an arrestee’s release is to arrange to pay bail. For people who have the money to pay the full bail amount, they will only be in jail for as long as it takes to access the money or contact a friend or relative to pay the amount or arrange for collateral. Many people don’t have large amounts of money available to pay the bail amount in full. In situations where it takes a while to pull together that much money, working with a bail bondsman is a good option. This is because bail agents only charge a small percentage of the full bail amount as a fee to obtain the defendant’s release. Many people find it much easier and quicker to come up with this small amount of money. Bail agents are usually available 24/7, and will help you arrange bail as soon as possible.

Call A+ Bail Bonds PA to Get Out of Jail Fast

Here at A+ Bail Bonds, we understand the importance of getting loved ones out of jail as quickly as possible. That’s why we work fast to arrange bail and get them released. Call us today to learn more about how bail bonds can help you get your loved one released and back home quickly. The length of time a person sits in jail depends on a variety of circumstances; how long it takes for their bail hearing to take place, the speed and efficiency of the court, and how quickly they (or their relatives) can arrange bail. Call us to learn more today!