There are many different things involved in bailing someone out of jail. For example, how does a judge decide on a bail amount? Let’s take a look at how bail is set in order to learn more about bail bonds in Montgomery County and across PA.

How Bail is Set by a Judge

In some states, there are bail schedules of set bail amounts for specific, less serious offenses. In this case, when someone is arrested, a police officer will issue a standard bail amount, the defendant will pay, and there is nothing left to discuss. But, with more serious crimes (such as felony cases), a judge must decide on a bail amount. This takes place at a bail hearing. There are a few things that go into how a judge decides to set bail:

– Severity of the Offense

Each crime is classified according to the severity of the offense. Therefore, each crime has a usual amount specific to it. For example, a person who has been charged with a misdemeanor offense will pay much less to get out of jail that someone who committed a felony crime. The thinking is, that if someone pays more to be released, they are much more likely to return for all court appearances (because the full amount is returned if bail was posted using cash).

– Criminal History

Judges also look at a defendant’s criminal history when setting bail amounts. If a defendant has a long list of offenses in his or her criminal history the judge may consider this to be a pattern of behavior and set a higher bail amount. In addition, the judge will also look to see if a defendant has failed to appear in the past – this will count against him or her in the new bail amount. Any outstanding warrants will also be considered – a judge is even allowed by law to deny bail while the court pursues the charges from the outstanding warrant.

– Employment

Thankfully, judges consider a person’s employment when they set a bail amount. They understand that if they set a high bail amount that the defendant isn’t able to pay, they won’t be able to go to work, and they’ll lose their job. The same goes for people who are enrolled in college.

– Risk of Flight

A judge also considers a defendant’s flight risk when determining bail amounts. For example, if a person has a lot of family in the area, the judge will consider them less of a flight risk – the defendant is less likely to leave town. Also, the judge looks at how long the defendant has lived in the area – the longer the better. Finally, the defendant’s financial position. If an arrestee has no money, they will be less likely to leave town, simply because they won’t have the funds.

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